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Coaches & Volunteer Sign Up

Minnie Gonzalez’s Youth Baseball League is looking for volunteers to help out at upcoming events. Please sign up using the form below.

  • I hereby enter into this agreement for the purpose of setting forth the arrangement between Minnie González Youth Baseball League, Inc. and myself.
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  • The person named above performing the volunteers’ duties during the game shall not hold liable the MGYBL Inc. for any accidents during the game in which he or she rendered his or her services. By agreeing to these terms, the above named prospective volunteers’ agrees not to hold the MGYBL, Inc liable for any injuries beyond the scope of the medical insurance provided by the league for all players and volunteers’ in the MGYBL Inc. league.
    • The MGYBL, Inc. will assign the above named individual, to a team.
    • This individual volunteers’ relationship is for the duration of the current year program only.
    • Each volunteers shall maintain the highest possible standards of moral and ethical behavior, and will do his or her utmost to set a positive example of such standards for the children under his or her supervision.
    • Each volunteers shall maintain a positive and respectful relationship with the parents of the children in his or her charge.
    • The prospective volunteers name above shall not be eligible for any financial compensation for his or her services as a volunteer on MGYBL, Inc.
    • The MGYBL, Inc. Board of Directors decision concerning the replacement of any volunteer is final.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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