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Activities 2015

At The Hyland Park June 20, 2015 opening day with Board Members.

First Pitch thrown by State Representative Minnie González.


Board Members from left to right,

Edward Casares, Ramon L Arroyo, Alcides Ortiz, Nelky Maldonado,

Minnie Gonzalez, Patricia Roman, Antonio Cardona.

Board Members not in picture:

Carmen Sierra, Richard Zayas and Commissioner Melvin Ramos.



MGYBL at the Rocks Cats game.


July 8, 2015 @ Hartford, CT with the Hall of Fame baseball player Carl Ripken, Jr.

Which the MGYBL players and BOD took participation.

2015 all stars game trophy for each division:

  • Minor League
  • Little league
  • Senior League



The MGYBL All-Stars traveling team will be participating in the Bridgeport Baseball Tournament on August 22, 2015.

The 2015 League champions are the following:

Minor Division: NATIONALS

Youth Baseball League Division: CARDINALS

Senior Division: ROCKIES

Trophy Celebration Day October 3, 2015 for all MGYBL divisions champions and sub-champions and all Coach Pitch Division players. Congratulations to all players.

MGYBL Coaches Appreciation Day October 8, 2015.

Nancy Español - Orioles
Coach Pitch



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